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Best of Beef champions the people, places and passion that go into producing and serving one of the world's most sought after beef, Certified Irish Hereford Prime.

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Chef Eric Léautey
A Table Chez Eric Léautey, Thoiry, France

Eric Léautey is a man in love with gastronomy. He has written culinary books, presented cooking TV shows, taught (for 10 years) at the renowned Culinary LeNôtre Institute, and of course, has cooked in prestigious establishments worldwide. Perhaps somewhat inevitably he has opened his own Michelin awarded restaurant, A Table Chez Eric Léautey, back in his home town of Thiory.

Chef Eric tells us… ‘I have been working with Certified Irish Hereford Prime for at least ten years. I discovered it when I had a restaurant in Marne-la-Vallée. Now that I have this restaurant, I use Hereford a lot more. Especially the prime rib of beef. It is one of the flagship products of my restaurant.’

The bright, contemporary and tasteful setting of A Table Chez Eric Léautey in Thiory

‘I say it often, I have never had more consistent quality with another beef than the Hereford. Whether it is matured or not, it is always so tender. In all my time we have never had negative feedback about this meat. It always has a beautiful colour too.’

Chef Eric smokes beef in a bell jar using hay from a local farm

Eric continues… ‘When we roast it, it’s tender, like butter and people are often very surprised. It’s amazing. People have even told me it is candy. I love this meat because it is rich in flavour, and savoury.'

‘I visited Ireland to meet the farmers and see the farms for myself. The quality of care and the love the caretakers have for their animals, was amazing. When we saw the pastures where the animals feed, we could appreciate why the meat was of such quality. There is a respect from the beginning of the chain to the end. I really admired the fact that there were so many different small farms. Everything was so impressive.’

Recipes by Chef Eric Léautey