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Best of Beef champions the people, places and passion that go into producing and serving one of the world's most sought after beef, Certified Irish Hereford Prime.

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Chef Florent Chollet
Cav’s restaurant, Sens, France

Described by the Michelin star guide as a restaurant perfectly in tune with the times, Chef Florent Chollet’s restaurant Cav’s plays host to a menu built around speciality meats and contemporary dining.

Chef Florent tells us… ‘I opened my restaurant Cav’s three years ago, and Certified Irish Hereford Prime was the first meat I chose for my menu. All my signature recipes use Hereford.’

Some of Florent's speciality meats on show in Cav's, Sens.

‘Hereford Prime is a very beautiful product. It is a beef that is tender, and has great taste and finesse—qualities found in very few meat breeds around the world.’

Thinly sliced, beautifully succulent Hereford beef

Cav's kitchen overlooks the contemporary restaurant setting

‘I cook the Hereford ribs and fillet mostly. The meat is so good that there is not much to do to draw the best out of it.’

Chef Florent at work in his kitchen

Recipes by Chef Florent Chollet


Steak tartare with melba toast and watercress

by Chef Florent Chollet