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Best of Beef champions the people, places and passion that go into producing and serving one of the world's most sought after beef, Certified Irish Hereford Prime.

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Chef Marc Seignard
Le Village a Neuilly, Paris.

Located halfway between the Champs Élysées and district La Défense, Le Village a Neuilly is a chic and cosy restaurant led by Marc Seignard, a chef with over 25 years experience cooking in some of France’s best bistros.

Chef Marc tells us… ‘The highly respected butcher Jean Denaux helped me find Certified Irish Hereford Prime about 15 years ago. I was working for the brasserie group FLO as technical culinary director, and we were looking for a very specific meat—one we could trust for many different uses.’

The calm before the storm, Chef Marc ensuring everything is perfect ahead of a busy lunch sitting

‘Since we opened Le Village in 2010 we’ve been using Hereford ribs, hanger steak, flank steak and the chuck. What we like in this range is the softness and tenderness of the meat all year round, something that is beyond compare with other meats. The taste too is very characteristic.’

Chef Marc in his kitchen displaying his Hereford steaks

‘My story is that I’m a French farmer’s son. We produced meat so I am already familiar with this area. A few years ago we were lucky to be invited by Certified Irish Hereford Prime to Ireland. We visited the farms and saw the animals — they were outside all the time which is so natural. There is no intensive breeding.’

Le Village a Neuilly provides a relaxed and stylish break from the hectic Charles de Gaulle avenue