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Best of Beef champions the people, places and passion that go into producing and serving one of the world's most sought after beef, Certified Irish Hereford Prime.

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Best of Beef

Certified Irish Hereford Prime is one of the world’s most sought after natural beef. Prized for it’s unique taste, outstanding tenderness and characteristic marbling, it has won international culinary awards, and is served at many Michelin star restaurants throughout Europe.

So what makes our beef so special?

1. Grass fed, the healthier option. Cattle that are reared predominately on grass based diets produce naturally healthier beef. This means not only is every cut of Certified Irish Hereford Prime rich with nutrients and packed with good-quality protein, our beef is also low in saturated fat and high in vitamins and minerals, and essential fatty acids like omega-3. A welcome addition to any balanced diet.

2. More marbling, more flavour. Herefords provide one of the most naturally marbled beef in the world. Marbling refers to the finely grained fat that runs through a cut of meat. The more marbled fat the beef has, the more delicious flavour and silky texture it has. Without marbling, beef would be dry and wouldn’t have as much taste. Just one reason our succulent, richly flavoured beef is so sought after by leading European chefs

3. Uniquely tender, uniquely Irish. Stress makes meat less tender and detracts from it's overall quality. Renowned for their mild temperament and docile nature, our outdoor living Irish Herefords experience little or no stress in their lives, making their beef far more tender and textured than other cattle breeds. This quality and tenderness extends right through the animal, meaning all cuts of our Hereford beef can comfortably meet the demands of the most adventurous, curious and discerning cooks.

Our Community

We are a farmer owned group that combine the best traditional farming methods, with the most up-to-date technology, to produce some of the world’s most sought after natural beef. Established in 1997 by a group of like minded farmers, our members must adhere to specific standards, practices and regulations to be awarded the official ‘certified’ ribbon. 

This means right through our supply chain — from animal welfare and DNA traceability to education, support and safety — quality is second to none. 

What results is a life that is natural and stress-free for our animals, and a livelihood that is sustainable and rewarding for our farming community. We are responsible for 2% of Ireland’s annual beef production, a small percentage that underlines our philosophy of quality, not quantity, something that also helps us maintain our high standards and practices. You can connect with our farming community on our organisation’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Certified Irish Hereford Prime

Selected awards for Certified Irish Hereford Prime


Official series beef

Masterchef Italia


‘Simply delicious’

Great Tastes Awards 2016


Winner “Best steak award”

BEEF! Awards


Gold Award

Blas na hEireann


‘Exceptional Taste’

Superior Taste Awards 2017


Q award — Commended

Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards



World Steak Challenge


‘Remarkable Taste’

Superior Taste Awards 2017

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The Hereford Breed

Hereford cattle are a popular, internationally renowned breed with roots in Herefordshire, England. Introduced to Ireland in 1775, Hereford cattle are known for their quiet and docile nature — a temperament that ensures their beef is always tender and tasty, and that working conditions are safer all round for our farmers and their families. 

For the majority of the year, our cattle live outdoors and enjoy a natural diet of grass and herbs — something Ireland has in abundance due to our frequent rainfall, open green spaces and moderate temperatures. 

Maturing at an early age, Hereford’s have a naturally lower carbon footprint meaning they damage the environment less and consume less resources. It is because of this traditional way of life and easy going temperament that Irish Hereford’s Prime beef stands apart from other breeds.